I have always been interested in voice and self-expression. I am interested in people and ways we can exchange experiences and information efficiently.
One ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of words.


  • I have learned the most from the integrity of my teachers. I am grateful for having had the chance to meet them:
  • Barbara Camille Tanze: Breathing coordination for optimal use of voice (The Martin & De Haas (MDH) Breathing Coordination, based on Carl Stough teachings)
  • Actors Studio of Vajevec brothers, Ljubljana (acting and stage presence, Stanislavsky Method Acting)
  • Ljubljana Music and Ballet Conservatory, solo jazz singing, with prof. Darja Švajger
  • Natural Life System (emotions and voice), with prof. Michelangelo Chiecci


As a musician, vocalist and singing teacher I have been involved in several projects:

  • Martina Furlan 4et - original jazz music (guitar Marko Čepak Maki, double bass Simone Serafini, drums Aljoša Jerič)
  • collaboration song "While she sleeps" 2016 on the album"Makia planet" (music: Marko Čapak Maki, lyrics: Martina Furlan) 
  • at Festival Marezi Jazz 2014 guest appearance with Big Band Hrošči with the song Future Eyes (music: Denis Beganović-Kiki, lyrics: Martina Furlan)
  • collaboration song Cesta srca (Hearts Road) on the album Ni časa za preroke (No Time for Prophets) (2009) by Dejan Lapanja. The song was chosen as the Song of the Week at Radio Robin and Radio Val 202.
  • ...
singing lessons

We all have an ear for music if we know how to listen.  I can help you with that.
If you want to learn how to sing and use the breath efficiently in order to be able to produce vibrant sounds, you came to the right place.
Learning how to sing is an organic process that requires the engagement of a whole person (physically, emotionally, spiritually ...)
Some things cannot be forced. They need time, our love and attention to mature.

When we start to discover our voice, we discover much more than that.

The structure of a singing lesson

1. Relaxation and body self-awareness
The quality of the voice we create depends on the relaxation of muscles in our body. The tiniest tension in our body, of an apparently insignificant muscle, changes completely the quality of the sound we produce.

2. Breathing exercises and vocal warm-up
Breathing exercises help us establish an optimal coordination of the breath. Vocal warm up exercises help us clear the vocal chords, warm up the muscles and thus gain flexibility. They also help us focus our mind and overcome convictions about the limits of our voice.

3. Singing a song
After the relaxation and breathing exercises, we use the experience we just gained to sing a song. It is important to choose a song that you like, independently of its difficulty.
We often record the singing, so you can follow your improvement.

Basic information

The singing lessons are taught individually
They are suitable for everyone since they are adapted to the needs and challenges of the individual.
The singing lesson is a 90-minute session
Lessons are scheduled with the previous agreement
Location: Nova Gorica (Slovenia)

Possible arangments:

  • One session is a 90-minute lesson
  • package of four 90-minute lessons
  • package Singing school (duration: 9 months), two 90-minute lessons a month
  • package Singing school for children under 14 years of age  (duration: 9 months), two 45-minute lessons a month
  • gift vouchers
  • ONLINE lessons

An experience is an unforgettable gift.


If you want to make them a special gift, something that will improve their lives, give them an experience !


“Thank you for giving me the chance to learn from you and helping me change my awareness. It is not just about singing. I am actually discovering myself. I can reach and overcome my limits and I am able to feel what before I was unable to perceive. I am aware of myself and my surroundings. I feel and hear changes. I have already learned all these from you in such a simple way. Relax, inhale, feel, listen, sing. I am grateful for meeting you and being able to learn with you.”

Nataša Vrabič

“Thank you for all you have taught me. You are really a wonderful person and an incredible teacher.”


“We had just three sessions a month, but you made such a big impact on my life. You’ve taught me a lot, much more than just singing and that’s why I am so very grateful to you.

"My life is my message" - Mahatma Gandhi”

Ana P.

“Martina is a very nice person with a lot of knowledge that goes beyond just music, knowledge about awareness which helps us sing better. She skillfully guided me through the wonderful journey of discovering my own voice and self-expression that often surprised me in a very positive way. I am very grateful to her. Warmly recommended.”

Klemen Podjed, PhD

“The singing school is really great. While singing and interpreting the song you research and discover your body and consciousness. You discover how the tiniest part of your body affects the quality of your singing and you can really tell if you are not present with your mind. Sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone, but at the end, it is worth the effort because each time you learn something new.”

Anja Jeraša

“If before I knew my voice a little, now we are very good friends. But most of all I have started to learn from my whole body. If a year ago someone told me that I cannot reach high notes because of my shoulders, I would simply ignore such a comment. But now I know that this is just one of the things that indicate that I am not relaxed. What can I say, I came here to learn to control my voice, but I’ve learned so much more: more about my voice, my face, my body and about how I think. Who would ever think that few singing lessons a month could gradually change also your personality. Thank you, Martina, for your patience, persistence and incredible energy and all short discussions about various questions of life. Thank you from my heart :*.”

Suzana Vurunić

“Working with Martina is relaxed, but serious, active and fun. She brings you outside your comfort zone which is essential for the improvement in the artistic expression and when working with voice. Students can get many new ideas from Martina, insights into their expression and work, new viewpoints on songs that they’ve known since ever, new qualities and dimensions of their abilities. But most of all, it can happen that Martina won’t be just your teacher, but also a singer that you will enjoy listening to at her concerts and look for inspiration and knowledge in her expression, and a person with whom you will end up in very interesting conversations about everything.”


“Martina is an amazing music teacher that guides you safely through all singing phases in order to make your voice resonate. Thank you, Martina, for all nice and difficult moments that I had the possibility to experience with your guidance.”

Jasna Martinjak

»Lessons with Martina are gentle for the voice, intense for the psyche and liberating for the soul. Her exercises don’t over-strain or wear out your voice, but they help you extend your vocal range and strength. I am very satisfied with her approach and I warmly recommend it to everyone that wants to get to know and express themselves and their voice better.”

Lučka Z., Ljubljana

“Before the singing lessons with Martina, I was not at all aware of the influence that each part of our body has on the quality of our voice. For me, this was an amusing self-discovery and an awakening of sleeping potentials and an incredible form of relaxation. Thank you, Martina.”

D.P., Ljubljana

“The lessons with Martina were always very interesting: relaxation, warm up, vocalizing and singing. She managed to bring out of me a voice I didn’t know I had. This was an absolutely fascinating experience.”

Tina Žurbi

“I have decided to undertake individual singing lessons with Martina, because I saw how much a friend of mine has been changing while waking up her singing talent with Martina. The change was not only in the speech and the ability to sing but also in the fact that she started to discover her skills and talents. And she helped me build awareness about who I am from a completely new perspective. Working with sound, movement and voice is something that I was unable to experience in my academic and business career. In the first part of the individual singing lesson, you learn to connect with yourself and your body. The best part comes when I can connect with my soul and sing from my heart. This is when I get chills and sometimes a tear in my eye. I recommend!

Marko Š., Ljubljana

“I like the fact that Martina’s singing lessons have an integrated approach toward the singers, including the whole body and much more, she doesn’t limit herself and she is ready to try everything that can be helpful for the singer to make progress. Her individual singing lessons have really changed my life. They had an impact on my self-image, singing in public, speech, perceiving my body and much more.”

Iva G., Ljubljana

“Martina Furlan is a very professional singing teacher with a lot of enthusiasm for a vocal expression and an individual that wants to learn more about this topic because each of us encounters different challenges during this process. That’s why she always starts the lesson with the combination of body and relaxation exercises. She is great at identifying psychical blockades that sometimes emerge when singing. As a student, I feel safe, self-confident and more and more enriched by her knowledge and experiences.”

Urška Z., Ljubljana

“When I first stepped into the room, where singing lessons With Voice and Consciousness are held, I stepped into a place of joy and peace. Children toys and lushly greenery on the other side of the window were a nice background for our first act: relaxation. Today, when we unquestionably lead intense and over-strained lives, realizing where the actual relaxation lies is of great importance. I am sure that this will present the major difficulty in the process of acquiring our own voice to most of the students. We all want to have a strong voice (outwardly), but the work needs to be done first with the relaxation (inwardly), at the source of the voice. At my not so young age, I enjoy enormously this kind of work. And when the moment came, when this relaxed voice became audible in the room, I realized how long is still the way to good singing. And it does still give me an immense joy! When we recorded together and listen to my first song, I couldn’t believe how each technique that Martina suggested formed the final result and my voice, somehow miraculously for me, improved beautifully.”

Helena Pavlović Križaj, Ljubljana

“Lessons with Martina were playful, sparkling and each of them brought to light a new part of me. A successful therapy with voice, less painful and cheaper than psychotherapy. :-).”

Katja F.



The structure of the session
  • you learn about the functioning of the diaphragm, rib cage, breath and vocal chords and how to use them optimally in order to produce sounds (for singing, speech, performance, in your workplace, in your personal life)
  • relaxation
  • research of your own voice
  • we work together on a song that you like or we work on a speech that you often give

Basic information
  • lessons are taught individually
  • lessons are scheduled with previous agreement
For prices and other information contact me on the following e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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